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{{Infobox album
| name = Truckin' with Albert Collins
| type = studio
| artist = [[Albert Collins]]
| cover =
| alt =
| released = 1969
| recorded = 1962, 1963, 1965
| venue =
| studio = [[SugarHill Recording Studios|Gold Star]]
| genre = [[Blues]]
| length =
| label = [[Blue Thumb Records|Blue Thumb]]
| producer = Bill Hall
| prev_title = Alive and Cool
| prev_year = 1969
| next_title = There's Gotta Be a Change
| next_year = 1971
'''''Truckin' with Albert Collins''''' is an album by the American musician [[Albert Collins]], released in 1969.<ref>{{cite news |last1=Oliver |first1=Myrna |title=Albert Collins; Award-Winning Blues Guitarist, Recording Artist |work=Los Angeles Times |date=25 Nov 1993 |page=A22}}</ref><ref>{{cite book |last1=Gregory |first1=Hugh |title=Roadhouse Blues: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Texas R&B |date=2003 |publisher=Backbeat |page=180}}</ref> It was originally released as ''The Cool Sounds of Albert Collins'', in 1965.<ref>{{cite news |last1=Richmond |first1=Dick |title=Blues in the Night with Albert Collins |work=St. Louis Post-Dispatch |date=Aug 10, 1984 |page=3C}}</ref> It was reissued by [[MCA Records]] in 1991.<ref name="SF">{{cite news |last1=Selvin |first1=Joel |title=Pop CDs |work=San Francisco Examiner |date=Dec 8, 1991 |department=Datebook |page=51}}</ref>

Produced by Bill Hall, the album was recorded at [[SugarHill Recording Studios|Gold Star Studios]], in Houston, Texas.<ref name="HH">{{cite book |last1=Bradley |first1=Andy |last2=Wood |first2=Roger |title=House of Hits: The Story of Houston's Gold Star/SugarHill Recording Studios |date=2010 |publisher=University of Texas Press |page=129}}</ref> Nine of the tracks, recorded in 1962 and 1963, had already been released as singles; "Icy Blue", "Kool Aide", and "Shiver 'n Shake" date to April 1965 sessions.<ref name=GP/><ref name=HH/> The initial Blue Thumb release was channeled for stereo sound.<ref>{{cite news |last1=Sunier |first1=John |title=Truckin' with Albert Collins |work=Daily Independent Journal |date=Jul 4, 1970 |page=TV8}}</ref> Many of the tracks employ a horn section.<ref>{{cite news |last1=Brewer |first1=Steve |title=CD Revival Brings Blues Back to Life |work=Albuquerque Journal |date=Jan 24, 1992 |page=C4}}</ref> Collins used open D-minor and F-minor tunings and played without a pick.<ref>{{cite news |last1=Lawson |first1=Terry |title='The cool sound': That's Albert Collins' guitar style |work=Journal Herald |date=Nov 1, 1979 |location=Dayton |page=25}}</ref><ref>{{cite book |last1=Iglauer |first1=Bruce |last2=Roberts |first2=Patrick |title=Bitten by the Blues: The Alligator Records Story |date=2018 |publisher=University of Chicago Press |page=112}}</ref> He sings on "Dyin' Flu", perhaps his first recorded vocal performance.<ref name=GP/>

==Critical reception==
{{music ratings
|rev1 = [[AllMusic]]
|rev1score = {{rating|4.5|5}}<ref name=""*****"">{{cite web |title=Truckin' with Albert Collins Review by Thom Owens |url= |website=AllMusic |access-date=20 April 2024}}</ref>
|rev2 = ''[[Grove Press|The Grove Press Guide to the Blues on CD]]''
|rev2score = {{rating|4.5|5}}<ref name="GP">{{cite book |last1=Hadley |first1=Frank-John |title=The Grove Press Guide to the Blues on CD |date=1993 |publisher=Grove Press |page=47}}</ref>
|rev3 = ''[[MusicHound|MusicHound Blues: The Essential Album Guide]]''
|rev3score = {{rating|3.5|5}}<ref>{{cite book |title=MusicHound Blues: The Essential Album Guide |date=1998 |publisher=Visible Ink Press |page=86}}</ref>
|rev4 = ''[[The Penguin Guide to Blues Recordings]]''
|rev4score = {{rating|3|4}}<ref name="PG">{{cite book |title=The Penguin Guide to Blues Recordings |date=2006 |publisher=Penguin Books |page=129}}</ref>
|rev5 = ''[[The Rolling Stone Album Guide]]''
|rev5score = {{rating|5|5}}<ref name="RS">{{cite book |title=The Rolling Stone Album Guide |date=1992 |publisher=Random House |page=152}}</ref>
The ''[[Detroit Free Press]]'' opined that "the dynamic levels, moods, metronomic speeds, and rhythms ... are so very similar that it's practically impossible to tell one selection from another."<ref>{{cite news |last1=Ashby |first1=Dorothy |title=Record Reviews |work=Detroit Free Press |date=Jul 20, 1969 |page=8D}}</ref> ''[[The Province]]'' said that Collins has "striven for an instrumental approach that, while acknowledging the profound influence of [T-Bone] Walker and [Albert] King, is an immediately recognizable, wholly personable mode of expression."<ref>{{cite news |last1=Darrell |first1=Wayne |title=Collins goes truckin' to success |work=The Province |date=Aug 15, 1969 |department=Grooves |page=10}}</ref> The ''[[Edmonton Journal]]'' praised the "hard-drivin, fast-rollin contemporary blues... Easily the best modern interpreter of old-style 'truckin'{{'}} blues."<ref>{{cite news |last1=Harvey |first1=Lana |title=Popular Records |work=Edmonton Journal |date=Sep 5, 1969 |page=58}}</ref>

The ''[[San Francisco Examiner]]'' stated that the 1991 reissue "restores a crucial classic of the literature."<ref name=SF/> [[AllMusic]] wrote that "his trademark sound is in place—his leads are stinging, piercing and direct."<ref name="*****"/> ''[[The Rolling Stone Album Guide]]'' noted the "eerie tone clusters."<ref name=RS/>

==Track listing==
{{Track listing
| all_writing =
| title1 = Frosty
| length1 =
| title2 = Hot 'n Cold
| length2 =
| title3 = Frost Bite
| length3 =
| title4 = Tremble
| length4 =
| title5 = Thaw-Out
| length5 =
| title6 = Dyin' Flu
| length6 =
| title7 = Don't Lose Your Cool
| length7 =
| title8 = Backstroke
| length8 =
| title9 = Kool Aide
| length9 =
| title10 = Shiver 'n Shake
| length10 =
| title11 = Icy Blue
| length11 =
| title12 = Sno-Cone II
| length12 =


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