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{{Short description|Political party in Poland}}

{{Infobox political party
| name = Forum of the Democratic Right
| native_name = {{native name|pl|Forum Prawicy Demokratycznej}}
| colorcode = #667191
| split =
| predecessor = Polish Political Movement
| successor = [[Democratic Union (Poland)|Democratic Union]]
| logo =
| founder = Aleksander Hall<br />[[Stanisław Somma]]<br />[[Jerzy Dietl]]<br />[[Tadeusz Syryjczyk]]<br />[[Micał Wojtczak]]<br />[[Tomasz Wołek]]<br />[[Henryk Woźniakowski]]<br />[[Michał Chałoński]]
| leader = [[Aleksander Hall]]
| ideology = [[Liberal conservatism]]<br />[[Economic liberalism]]<br />[[Reformism]]
| position = [[Centre-right politics|Centre-right]]
| membership = ~1000
| foundation = 27 June 1990
| dissolved = 11 May 1991
| country = Poland
| colours =
| national =

The '''Forum of the Democratic Right''' ({{lang-pl|Forum Prawicy Demokratycznej}}, '''FPD''') was a [[conservatism|conservative]] [[List of political parties in Poland|political party]] in Poland.<ref name=Dudek>{{cite book |last=Dudek |first=Antoni |date=2023 |title=Historia polityczna Polski 1989–2023 |trans-title=Polish political history 1989-2023 |url= |location=Warsaw |language=Polish |publisher=Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar |isbn=978-83-67450-66-9}}</ref>

[[File:Aleksander Hall 2006.JPG|thumb|Party leader Aleksander Hall, 2006]]
In July 1979, the {{ill|Young Poland Movement|pl|Ruch Młodej Polski}} (RMP) split off from the [[Movement for Defence of Human and Civic Rights]]. The Movement was a rightwing [[anti-communism in Poland|anti-communist]] opposition group founded in July 1979, setting the reclamation of total sovereignty as its primary goal.

In 15 September 1989, the radical, [[National Democracy (Poland)|National Democratic]], [[National Catholicism|National Catholic]] branch of RMP took part in the creation of the [[Christian National Union]]. Their departure from RMP deprived the Movement of a large part of its members, and quickly led to its collapse. The moderate, centre-right branch established the Polish Political Movement ({{native name|pl|Ruch Polityki Polskiej}}, '''RPP''').

A precursor to FPD, the short-lived "Democratic Christian-Liberal Forum" ({{lang-pl|Demokratyczne Forum Chrześcijańsko-Liberalne}}) was founded on 15 June 1990. It existed as a member of the Kraków-based Alliance for Democracy ({{lang-pl|Sojusz na rzecz Demokracji}}).<ref name=Szyc/>

===FPD as a party===
The Forum was founded on 27 June 1990, by representatives of different political groupings - members of RPP, several economic, commercial, and industrial councils, academic unions, newspaper editors, representatives of several [[Voivodeship sejmik|sejmiks]], aswell as several major political figures: Senators [[Stanisław Somma]] and [[Jerzy Dietl]], Minister [[Tadeusz Syryjczyk]], Deputy Minister [[Michal Wojtczak]], deputy editor-in-chief of [[Życie Warszawy]] [[Tomasz Wołek]], [[Henryk Woźniakowski]], Sejm Representative [[Michał Chałoński]] and, as a guest, Minister and future FPD leader [[Aleksander Hall]]. Therein it declared its intentions of creating a "big-tent Alliance for Democracy" and support for [[Prime Minister of Poland|Prime Minister]] [[Tadeusz Mazowiecki]] and his government.<ref name=Borowik>{{cite book |last=Borowik |first=Bogdan |date=2011 |title=PARTIE KONSERWATYWNE W POLSCE 1989-2001 |url= |publisher=WYDAWNICTWO UNIWERSYTETU MARII CURIE-SKŁODOWSKIEJ |isbn=978-83-227-3158-1}}</ref>

The Forum often cooperated with the [[Citizens' Movement for Democratic Action]] ({{lang-pl|Ruch Obywatelski Akcja Demokratyczna}}, '''ROAD'''). The two were crucial allies in Mazowiecki's political battle against Solidarność leader [[Lech Wałęsa]], and supported the Prime Minister's candidacy in the [[1990 Polish presidential election]]. Mazowiecki decisively lost the election, falling third behind [[dark horse candidate]] [[Stanisław Tymiński]]. ROAD and FPD reluctantly endorsed Wałesa in the second round, which led to his election as the [[President of Poland]] with a decisive 74.25% of the vote. The humiliated Mazowiecki would resign from the office of Prime Minister on 12 January 1991, which cast FPD and ROAD into de-facto parliamentary opposition.<ref name=Szyc>{{cite book |last=Dehnel-Szyc |first=Małgorzata |date=1991 |title=GRY Polityczne Orientacje na Dziś |trans-title=Political Moves Orientations for Today |url= |language=Polish |isbn=83-85218-19-X}}</ref>

During the first Congress of the FPD on 3-9 November 1990, it elected Hall as its leader, and declared an intention to co-found a larger political formation with ROAD.<ref name=Szyc/>

On 11 May 1991, the FPD came into agreement with ROAD to form a new political party, the [[Democratic Union (Poland)|Democratic Union]] (UD), wherein they would contend the [[1991 Polish parliamentary election]] together. The Democratic Union would win 62 seats, becoming the largest party in the First Sejm, until FPD's members left UD later in the First Sejm's term.

The party was compared to [[Christian democracy|Christian democratic]], [[conservatism|conservative]], [[liberalism|liberal]] and [[Polish nationalism|nationalist]] formations. It espoused the [[rule of law]], [[semi-presidential republic|strong executive powers]] and [[reformism]]. It claimed to be based on [[Christian values]].

Economically, it supported [[free market economics]], [[private ownership]], [[Balcerowicz Plan|privatization]] and [[reprivatization]], seeking to replicate the [[Economic history of Spain|Spanish]] or [[Economic history of Italy|Italian]] economic models. It also supported privatizing and demonopolizing the [[insurance|insurance system]]. It also advocated for [[European integration]].

In terms of foreign policy, it supported reconciliation with reunited [[Germany]] and the [[Soviet Union]] (later [[Russia]]).<ref name=Szyc/>

==Electoral results==
{| class=wikitable
! rowspan=2|Election year
! rowspan=2|Candidate
! colspan=2|1st round
! rowspan=2 colspan=2|2nd round
! # of votes
! % of vote
! [[1990 Polish presidential election|1990]]
| '''[[Tadeusz Mazowiecki]]'''
| 2,973,264
| 18.08 (#3)
| colspan="2"| ''Supported '''[[Lech Wałęsa]]'''''

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